May 2017
Paper umbrella room decor

The summer holidays are a great time time to try new things. So why not try a new look for your room?

Here's an easy-peasy paper umbrella decor you can make and hang wherever you want!

You'll need:

  • Circular coloured paper (any colour will do)
  • Glue
  • Some stiff but flexible thin metal rods (ask your parents for these)
  • Pliers (again, ask your parents for these and let them handle them too!)
  • Some thread

Now watch the video below to start making the umbrellas. Once you're done making as many as you want, tie strings to all of them and then hang them wherever you want—your window, over your bed or desk, your door—anywhere!

Have fun!

Remember: Always have a parent or guardian around when handling sharp objects like a pair of scissors, cutters, knives, pins or needles. Have fun responsibly!

Video courtesy: Arts For Kids



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