Mar 2017
Lava pens

Hi there!

We know it's exam season, but that's no reason to have a little bit of fun. Why not give your pens a makeover so that they can instantly cheer you up while writing an exam?

Behold—lava pens! These are pens that look like they have colourful blobs of water floating around inside them. They're very easy to make and super fun to use. Here are the materials you will need:

  • A pen with a transparent body
  • Some glue to seal up the open bottom of the pen's refill
  • Some baby oil
  • Some water
  • Food colouring in various shades
  • A dropper
  • Glitter in various colours (optional)

Ready with all your materials? Now watch the video below and get crafting! And happy exam-writing with your super cool lava pens!

Video courtesy: HelloMaphie

Remember: Always have a parent or guardian around when handling sharp objects like a pair of scissors, cutters, pins or needles. Or even when you face difficulties while working on a project. Have fun responsibly!


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