Feb 2016
The Cake walk

As the Carnival fervour continues, we have an awesome game--the cake walk you can play with your friends! The winner wins a delicious desert for a prize!

All you need to do is paste 12 rectangular sheets of paper on similar shaped cardboard sheet. Mark each of them with numbers 1- 12, and place them on the ground to form a circle.

When the music starts playing, each player must move forward to the next sheet. When the music stops playing, everyone stops moving and is standing on a separate cardboard sheet. 

You then call out a specific number and that number wins a delicious dessert!

There are two ways of choosing a winning number:

 1. You can create paper chits (with the numbers written on them) shuffle them and choose one out of them randomly.

2. You can also have a spinning wheel to select the winning number. 

Hope you win many delicious desserts for yourself!



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