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  3. The Contest consists of various Monthly Contests till December, 2015. The Contest for a particular month will commence from 1st day of every month and entries received on or before Last date of that month shall only be considered for the Contest of that month.

  4. The Contest is available for 2 types of Participants as follows:
    a.   For Tinkle Digest Readers only:
    • Tinkle Digest Readers shall be eligible to enter the Monthly Contest by referring to the Contest details published in Tinkle Digest.
    • One half of the Contest will be provided in the monthly issue of Tinkle Digest. The Participant needs to solve/decode a puzzle from the Contest printed in Tinkle Digest.
    • The Participants shall visit the website “tinkleonline.com/supersleuthmystery” and enter the solved/decoded password in the designated block to solve second half puzzle that is available on tinkleonline.com/supersleuthmystery.
    • On entering the decoded password, the Participant shall be given access to that month’s second half puzzle that is available on tinkleonline.com/supersleuthmystery.
    • All Participants who solve the puzzle correctly shall be eligible for a prize. Each winner shall receive one PDF copy of a brand new comic story.

  5. b. For Online Only:
    • To enter the Contest, the Participants needs to visit the website “tinkleonline.com/supersleuthmystery” and give themselves a Creative Detective name based on the theme of that month’s contest.
    • Post giving the creative detective name, the Participants shall solve simple puzzle.
    • All Participants who solve simple puzzle correctly shall be eligible for a prize which will be a discount coupon code of 38% (Thirty Eight percent) which can be redeemed only on www.amarchitrakatha.com for an annual subscription of Tinkle Digest.
    • Upon winning, the winners shall be given an opportunity to solve a harder puzzle and win another prize.
    • In the event, where the winners opt to solve the harder puzzle, the participants shall solve the harder puzzle and submit their answers online.
    • 30 (thirty) winners who solve the harder puzzle along with most creative detective names based on the theme of that month shall win Tinkle goodies (which will be decided by the Company/Editor of Tinkle Digest and which may change at their sole discretion). The winners of the harder puzzle shall be announced on every 6th day of the following month on the website “tinkleonline.com/supersleuthmystery”.

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Pulari B.G. aka Super Cop 001 cracked the Super Sleuth Mystery!

The house is responsible for Nishant’s disappearance. It was because of the rotating bookcase, of course. In the story, Vivek claims Nishant was near the bookcase. We also hear a click sound when we see Nishant standing beside it. I bet it was the rotating bookcase. In the map, we see a secret passage near the bookcase and the closet.

Here’s how it happened:
  1. Nishant picks up a book (actually a lever) from the bookcase, which opens a secret passage.

  2. Filled with curiosity, Nishant enters the passage.

  3. By the time Vivek looks behind, he sees only the bookcase which has shut again.

  4. Shantaram overhears the conversation and knows what has happened. He then uses the hollow fireplace to disappear which makes everyone think he is a ghost!

  5. The secret passage leads to the safety room. The footsteps heard by Nishant’s friends might have been made due to Nishant’s walking, and perhaps, in the dark, Nishant could have been crashing into something. Nishant is sitting safely in the safety room.

Mystery solved!

Outstanding deductive skills, Pulari! We hope you crack many more cases in the future!