Tinkle Anniversary Special 1
(November 2017)

It’s Tinkle’s 37th anniversary, and the Tinkle Toons are partying by giving you a special 100-page book! This Anniversary Special book is packed with thrilling stories, hilarious hijinks, challenging puzzles, and more. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Anniversary Special along with the regular fortnightly issue!

What’s special?

  • A ModernMythos story tells us how Pazuzu the Mesopotamian demon is all set to take over the world. Only... if he has the weapon Sharur. Will Joyce stop him in time? Find out in ‘Joyce and the Demon’.
  • Calvin can’t believe that all his friends have grown tall while he’s still short! How can he compete with them in cricket now? Unless he finds a lucky bat... Read all about it in ‘Stumped’.
  • Why would a dragon gather treasure? What would it do with all that wealth? We dare you to find out in ‘The Dragon’s Hoard’.
  • And while you’re feeling brave, go on a mission with Robin Hood as he sets out to save one of his Merry Men in the ComiClassics story ‘The Rescue’.
  • Hop over to Germany to meet Till, a witty fellow who’s just been hired as a watchman. Check out how he manages to make even such a boring job an absolute blast in ‘Watch the Watchman’.
  • Take a break and make your own Tinkle fridge magnets with ‘Do It Yourself: Tinkle Fridge Magnets’.
  • And then unleash your creativity and artistic skills on a special colouring activity! The Tinkle Toons are also celebrating 50 years of Amar Chitra Katha, and there’s an exclusive artwork for this occasion. Make sure you ‘Colour It Up!’
  • Next, join Riyad and Saira as they take you on their ghost hunting adventure inside a creepy old house in ‘House of Horrors’.
  • Shake off the jitters with Suppandi, who can’t seem to understand how socks and smartphones work in ‘Put a Sock On It’ and ‘Something’s Phoney’.
  • Need more jokes? We’ve got you covered with ‘Fun-A-Thon’, where riddles, puns and laugh-out-loud gags come alive.
  • It’s time to sharpen your battle axes! Winter has kidnapped Spring. Young Oscar needs all the help he can get to rescue her in the Scandinavian folk tale ‘Seeking Spring’.
  • Do you think learning to fly kites is easy? A little girl discovers that it’s not always so, in the hilarious ‘The Dummy and the Terrace of Doom’.
  • And here come the Defective Detectives, WingStar and Aisha the SuperWeirdo, to end the Anniversary party in style! Join the Tinkle Toons on an epic adventure deep underwater, where nothing is what it seems to be in ‘Dark Zone’.


There are puzzles and activities galore with the Tinkle Toons—from Ina’s confusing shoes and Suppandi’s parking problems, to Kalia the Crow’s intriguing detective mystery and a whopper of a bungle in the Toons’ wardrobe! There’s also Bookkad, the bookworm, with another awesome book for you to read along with the Toons!

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