Tinkle Digest 308
(August 2017)

What’s Special?

  • Shikari Shambu tries his hand at being a cowboy with disastrous results in Shikari Shambu, the Cowboy.
  • A talented carpenter’s flying cot lands him in a royal mess in Kokkas and his Flying Cot.
  • A ferocious tiger that spits money? What wondrous creature is this?! Find out in The Money-Spitting Tiger.
  • Pyarelal and Lajo enjoy a meal at a restaurant, but the food ends up being more troublesome than they thought in Pyarelal at Daboo’s Dhaba.

Also starring:

Suppandi takes up a new job and becomes The Best Tourist Guide.

No one can seem to stop a boy and his annoying drumming in Curiosity.

Doob Doob finds a talking bush in Big Baan, much to his delight in Kalia the Crow.

And a baby goat devises an innovative way to outsmart a jackal, a tiger and a wolf in The Clever Goat.

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