Tinkle Digest 307
(July 2017)

What’s Special?

  • What happens when Gundan and Gundi eat up the lion’s share of dosas? Find out in The Lion Who Loved Dosas.
  • Tantri lures Hooja on to a faulty aeroplane. When his plans seem to be succeeding, an unexpected person turns the tables in Tantri the Mantri: The Great Fall.
  • Revisit Shikari Shambu’s very first adventure as he is tasked with tracking a ferocious tiger.
  • A thief disguised as Santa Claus. Suppandi eager to help him. What follows? Suppandi: Spreading Christmas Cheer. Hohoho!

Also starring:

Find out how an old lady outwits a thief in The Talking Lamp.

Doob Doob learns to climb a tree but this helps no one, especially Chamataka in Kalia the Crow.

A king decides to appoint a new tax collector in the most bizarre way—by making the applicants dance in The Selection Dance.

Our very own Uncle Pai, the founder-editor of Tinkle, narrates a scary tale—Ghost!

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