Tinkle 671
(July 2017)

What’s Special?

Creatures from outer space, unexpected school adventures, barrels of laughter—and more in the latest issue of Tinkle!

  • Nadia and Aadi find themselves in a boarding school full of bossy prefects, scary teachers, unruly rivals and more. Welcome to Nilgiri Orchid International School, also known as Tinkle’s new Toon series—NOIS!
  • Chamataka disguises Doob Doob as an alien monster to scare some baby elephants. But a bigger, meaner monster shows up in Kalia the Crow: Monster Madness.
  • Meanwhile, Tantri disguises a drone as a UFO to fool and trap Hooja. But there’s someone waiting to ruin his plan in Tantri the Mantri: Spaced Out.
  • Buchki gets a new pet goldfish. But can she keep it safe from a ghost that swallows all fish? Find out in Buchki and the Booligans: Gone Fishing.
  • And go back to school in style with a super-duper Tinkle Timetable featuring all your favourite Toons!

Also Starring:

Suppandi finds a job in a hotel and ends up taking extra good care of a guest in Guest of Honour. Juno and Kai are stuck with an annoying alien prince when their spaceship is hijacked in Rock and Run.And Riyad has some trouble making friends in a new school thanks to his crazy pranks in First Day Jitters.

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