Tinkle Digest 305
(May 2017)

What’s Special?

  • Rhea is never on time, which annoys her best friend Natasha, especially on a very important day in Best Friends.
  • An astrologer predicts bad luck for both Hooja and Tantri, much to Tantri’s horror in Tantri, the Saviour.
  • Meet Billy, a vampire with defective fangs. But on getting them fixed, he gets into big, bad trouble in Dental Diaries.
  • The birds of the world fly to Mount Qaf in search of their king, the magnificent Simorgh in The Conference of the Birds.

Also starring:

Suppandi can’t get over the loss of someone dear in A Moment of Silence.

An old man finds a way to trick two rogues who are planning to rob him in The Gold Ring.

Follow The Adventures of Sher-Dil, a brave prince who meets fantastic creatures and obstacles on his travels.

A young man accepts two impossible challenges—carrying a hill and drinking all the river water—much to everyone’s amazement in Two Tricks.

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