Tinkle Digest 304
(April 2017)

What’s Special?

  • Aisha meets Heer, a girl whose remarkable power is put to the test in SuperWeirdos: Screech!
  • Tantri’s evil scientists build an explosive gift for Raja Hooja. But it might not be what it seems in Tantri the Mantri: Happy Birthday, Hooja!
  • A little boy is trapped by a witch, and he has only three pieces of paper to save himself in The Three Good-Luck Charms.
  • Balu the bully gobbles up everyone’s lunch. But one day, he decides to give it all up. Find out why in Lunchtime Bully.

Also starring:

Suppandi can’t stop admiring himself in Mirrored Sleep.

When a princess stops eating, a young man comes up with a radical idea to help her in The Princess Who Wouldn’t Eat.

Chamataka lays a trap for unsuspecting animals, while Kalia lays a trap of his own in Kalia the Crow.

Ankit spots a shadow at the window and is convinced someone shady is spying on him in Shadow at the Window.

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