Tinkle 663
(March 2017)

What’s Special?

Go on a world tour with this issue of Tinkle, packed with stories, jokes, stress-busting features, and more!

  • Peek into Kalia’s childhood and his first adventure, where he foils Chamataka’s mischievous plot, in Kalia the Crow: Baby Steps.
  • A thieving mouse deer is caught and threatened with punishment. But this mouse deer is one tricky character! Check out the Indonesian and Malaysian folk tale, Captured!
  • Journey with The Royal Poinciana as it escapes the woodcutter’s axe and tries to find a new home in distant corners of the world.
  • When a beggar tries to cheat a caliph, the caliph goes to a judge. But what will the caliph do for the judge who seems shady as well? Find out more in the Turkish folk tale Justice is Served.
  • Shambu and Shanti are kidnapped in Namibia by a hunter! Will they do as he says, or refuse and risk their lives? Find out in Shikari Shambu and the Rhino Hunter.


Also Starring:

Suppandi works on a movie set and causes much distress for the director in Anger Management. Rahat discovers the world of skateboarding in a little village in Board Games. And what do you do when a strange monster visits you every night? Find out in Thrillers: Maths Panic.

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