Tinkle Digest 303
(March 2017)

What’s Special?

  • Follow Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives, as they tail a criminal who sets things on fire in Defective Detectives: Arson!
  • A tiger wants a man to find him a bride in The Tiger Takes a Wife.
  • Tantri visits a fortune teller to help him end Hooja. But his fortune has something else planned for him in Tantri the Mantri: Fortunes Foretold.
  • Constables Quipster and Mangy are sent to investigate vandalism at a graveyard.But the vandals have a surprise in store for them in A Dutiful Life.

Also starring:

Suppandi finds a creative way to stay warm in the chilly winter in Keeping Warm.

A dancer uses her wits to escape the clutches of a gang of robbers in Chandralekha.

Kalia comes to the rescue of a peacock in Kalia the Crow.

And a fox takes an elephant fishing with unexpected results in When the Elephant Went Fishing.

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