Tinkle 662
(February 2017)

What’s Special?

Hold on to the edge of your seat because this issue of Tinkle will take you on a wild, thrilling ride!

  • Tantri faces off against a ruthless demoness determined to take over Hujli in Tantri the Mantri: Night of the Demoness.
  • Klaas’ wish to eat cheese all day, every day is fulfilled by some fairies. But should he have asked for something else instead? Find out in So Cheesy!
  • Bapao and Lohe are given a history project that seems easy enough at first, but turns more and more challenging in A Sketchy Past.
  • Aisha and her new friend Skye are challenged to a game of cricket. But the match might just expose Skye’s SuperWeird power in SuperWeirdos: Wazoom!


Also Starring:

Suppandi borrows Maddy’s camera with disastrous results in Piece-ful. Anwar teaches Faluda a thing or two about success in Success Story. And keep an eye out for Mars, the Roman god of war, as he tries to time-travel to the past in the conclusion to Thrillers: Mars Vigila!

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