Tinkle 661
(February 2017)

What’s Special?

Welcome to yet another issue packed with mysteries, thrills, adventures, and of course, laughs!

  • Ravi and Rahul, the Defective Detectives, are on the tail of two suspicious looking characters in an art fair. But their sleuthing causes utter chaos! Find out how in Defective Detectives: Arty Farty.
  • When the Subhawan River is polluted by factory waste, Ajit and Naran take it upon themselves to clean it up and hold the factory responsible. Check out the World Wetlands Day special, The Waste Warriors.
  • A young boy sets out to slay a dragon terrorizing his village. But little does he know that the dragon has some tricks up its sleeves... Check out Slaying the Dragon.
  • A man gives his three children a shilling each and a bizarre riddle to solve! Find out how they solve this 100-Room Riddle.
  •  A gang of hoodlums rob a bank and steal a very precious item—the design of WingStar’s suit! Will her secret be exposed? Check out WingStar: Bank on It!

Also Starring:

Suppandi gets into a tiff with a coffee maker in Coffee Conundrum. What happens when Mars, the Roman god of war, is plucked from a battlefield and sent forward in time to present-day Gujarat? Catch up with him in Thrillers: Mars Vigila!

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