Tinkle 660
(January 2017)

What’s Special?

The new year celebrations continue with stories of discovery, invention and adventure. Come, join the fun!

  • Wali Daad sends gifts to a princess and a prince with his savings. But then this puts him in a royal pickle! Find out how in Wali Daad’s Dilemma, a Persian folk tale.
  • Bina fulfils her new year resolution by becoming a chef. But the job seems to make her too nitpicky. What’s bugging her? Check out Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Cooking Up a Storm.
  • When Sahil finds he has no money to spend on a school trip, his friends step in with a clever solution in A Sweet Turn.
  • Six siblings and their neighbour dig up their garden, believing it has treasure. That’s when everything turns topsy-turvy! Check out The Hunt for Treasure.
  • Billy gets mixed up in a local tradition in an African village, and things get electrifying in Dental Diaries: Ascension.
  • Discover how democracy was born and its journey from ancient Greece to India in the Republic Day Special The Road to Democracy.

Also Starring:

Suppandi tries his hand at writing a novel, and manages to goof up even that in The Right Mix. And find out just who the phantom thief is in the shocking and thrilling conclusion to The Railway Phantom.

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