Tinkle Digest 301
(January 2017)

What’s Special?

  • The Tinkle Toons roll up their sleeves, tie up their shoes and put their best foot forward to participate in their own version of the Olympics, the Tinkl(e)ympics!
  • Tantri gets his hands on a boomerang that he is sure will get rid of Hooja once and for all in Tantri the Mantri: Boomerang Botch-Up.
  • Pedro’s money is stolen, but a judge nabs the thief using an innovative method in The Clever Judge.
  • A goat is caught in a cave during a rainstorm with a tiger, lion and jackal. She has only her wits to make it out alive in The Goat’s Medicine.
  • The four March sisters decide to help out in the house when their mother is unwell. But who is going to clean up after the girls in The Experiment? Check out this ComiClassic from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

Also starring:

Little Suppandi finds out that he has a unique way with numbers in Number Struck!

Many a prince set out to rescue a princess trapped on top of a dangerous Glass Mountain. But not all can succeed...

Ching sets off to buy rice cakes for the New Year, but ends up getting distracted on the way to the market in Ching and the Six Statues.

And Chamataka has everyone convinced that it’s Kalia’s birthday, in order to lay a clever trap in Kalia the Crow.

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