Tinkle 659
(January 2017)

What’s Special?

Happy New Year! Kick-start 2017 with plenty of laughs, adventures and activities, all packed into the new issue of Tinkle!

  • Shambu is out to save gorillas in the Congo rainforest. But he gets into a spectacular jam with a poacher instead. Check out Shikari Shambu: Bouncing Around.
  • Buchki has a hair-raising adventure when a demon called a Sheekal hypnotizes children at a fair. How will she save herself this time? Find out in Buchki and the Booligans: Musical Cacophony.
  • Wai sneaks out to attend his parents’ New Year party and ends up with another mess on his hands. What now? Check out Wai Knot: Backup Plan.
  • Roop tells the story of Halla Singh the demon scarecrow. Her friends don’t believe he’s real, until he shows up to curse them all! Find out what happens next in Halla Singh Returns.
  • And make your own zigzag Tinkle planner for 2017 that’ll adorn your desk!

Also Starring:

Things get explosive when Suppandi goofs up at a fireworks shop in Seeing is Believing. Siblings Muthu and Malini discover they’re in a train that’s haunted by a phantom thief in The Railway Phantom. And a huge meteor is hurtling towards Earth! So a dragon and its three human friends decide to save the day in Saving Earth.

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