Tinkle 658
(December 2016)

What’s Special?

Ho ho ho! Celebrate the season and the end of a cracking year with stories of thrills, chills and no-frills fun!

  • Aisha finds a cottage full of SuperWeird animals that are being experimented upon by someone sinister. Who could it be? Find out in SuperWeirdos: Crrrack!
  • Friends Surbhi and Aaya aren’t talking to each other. But can a skiing competition threaten to end their friendship for good? Check out Downhill Drama.
  • A fisherman stumbles upon a cottage where an old couple gives him shelter, and then mysteriously vanishes! What’s going on?! Find out in Tree Trunk for a Boat.
  • Billy takes a chance on Fang HelSingh to escape from the Vampire Council prison. But then, a dangerous foe shows up. Uh-oh! Check out Dental Diaries: Trial and Error.
  • And gather up your family to make some super-duper coasters with our Christmas DIY! ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Also Starring:

Maddy’s cranky uncle finds that he’s no match for Suppandi’s literal logic in Steer Your Way. When Fiona breaks an agreement, her magic stool takes matters into its own hands in The Magic Stool. And Mansi and Rihaan uncover the shocking secret of the Greek codes in the thrilling conclusion to the story It’s All Greek to Me!

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