Tinkle 657
(December 2016)

What’s Special?

We get tricksy with this issue as we pack this fortnightly with tales from cunning tricksters and more!

  • Buchki is on the tail of a mysterious force that lures people out of bed and vanishes them in Buchki and the Booligans: A Good Nut’s Sleep.
  • Doob Doob with dumb-bells and Chamataka up to mischief! Now what do you get? Read on in Kalia the Crow: Flexin’.
  • Tantri joins hands with his grandfather and Dushtabuddhi to create the perfect scheme to take down Hooja. Will luck favour Tantri this time? Find out in Tantri the Mantri: Family Matters!
  • What happens when a tortoise disguises himself as a bird? Find out in The Flying Tortoise.

Also Starring:

Super Suppandi encounters a mighty beast in Monitor Menace. Mansi and Rihaan discover secret codes in Greek scratched on their school desk. They’re sure some sinister plot is brewing in It’s All Greek to Me! And Kareem coughs up a bird’s feather which he asks his wife to keep secret. But can she? Check out A Rumour Takes Wing.

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