Tinkle Digest 300
(December 2016)

What’s Special?

  • Ravi and Rahul, aka the Defective Detectives, tail a police officer who they think is a crook by night. Find out if their hunch is right in Defective Detectives: All That Glitters.
  • Chamataka tries to lure Kalia away so Doob Doob can get up to mischief. Check out Kalia the Crow.
  • A village chief and his wife try desperately to get rid of a glutton who has gatecrashed their house for dinner in The Chief and the Glutton.
  • Shambu’s new bike is in danger when an elephant goes on a rampage in the town in Shikari Shambu: Biker Boy.
  • Aisha bumps into Gaur, whose hand waves are as lethal as slaps! But is that enough to take down a big, bad bully? Find out in SuperWeirdos: Thwacks!

Also starring:

What happens to Road Rules when Suppandi turns autorickshaw driver?

When there is a pot of treacle involved, we discover Why Cats and Rats are Enemies.

A poor man can’t help but invite guests over for meals, while his wife struggles. So she cooks up a fantastic tale to scare away the guests in The Generous Host.

Can you have a Bad Hair Day at the barber’s? Read on.

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