Tinkle 656
(November 2016)

What’s Special?

It’s part 2 of Tinkle’s Anniversary party! The celebrations continue with stories of mystery, magic, adventure, thrills, and laughs.

  • Ravi and Rahul, aka the Defective Detectives, along with Sam, travel to the past and bump into... Sherlock Holmes! They tag along with the great detective and ruin his every move in solving a case. Check out how in Defective Detectives Starring Sherlock Holmes: The Master.
  • A young girl suddenly finds herself in the land of the Tinkle Toons! But is it really real? Find out in Say ‘Cheese’!
  • Shambu is put in charge of taking care of a tarantula. But the clever little spider escapes into the wild, causing a big problem for Shambu, and a bigger one for the spider itself! Check out Shikari Shambu: Tarantula Tango.
  • The Tinkle Toons’ hunt for a mysterious creature in Aizwa leads them to an even more sinister plot. Someone is hunting down the creature and has captured the Toons too! How will they escape? Find out in the conclusion to the Mega Mash-Up Stranger Sightings.
  • Plus, put your brain to work as you help Tantri uncover a lost land in the challenging mystery game Tantri’s Lost Land.
  • And laugh-out-loud with the Toons at their ‘pun’niest best at the Tinkle Anniversary party in Pun-A-Thon.

Also Starring:

Suppandi has a new job at a pizza restaurant, but nothing can top his latest goof-up there in No Charge. Dhaval is contacted by a huge pop star on social media and offered tickets to her concert. But his older brother thinks Something’s Fishy. And how good is your knowledge of Tinkle trivia? Put it to the test in this Pic(k) Your Brains edition, especially on Tinkle and the Toons!

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