Tinkle Digest 299
(November 2016)

What’s Special?

  • In this first story in the SuperWeirdos series, Aisha goes hunting for superpowers and gets the shock of her life in SuperWeirdos: Tremors.
  • A miserly king announces a grand feast with no intention of feeding anyone. But his guests come up with a clever solution to outwit him. Check out How the Miser Outsmarted Himself.
  • A burglar breaks into a house in a village. It’s now up to the house’s owners to find a stealthy way to alert the village guard. Find out how they do it in Rama to the Rescue.
  • Shambu is transported back in time and has to face creatures more ferocious than tigers and lions—dinosaurs! Does he survive? Or make his way back to the present? Check out Shikari Shambu: Dino Land.

Also starring:

Khandoba the miser wants to eat vadas but is unwilling to buy the ingredients. So he goes about gathering the necessary materials in a unique manner in The Man Who Loved Vadas.

Strange footprints have been spotted in Pyarelal’s village. So, Pyarelal puts on his thinking cap to track the creature and lead it out of the village in Pyarelal: The Mysterious Footprints.

Kalia visits his friend Sundar the peacock, but finds him in a tough spot with Sundari the peahen and... Chamataka! It’s up to Kalia to save the day in Kalia the Crow.

An old couple in Punjab has a large plot of land, but no means to plough it for crops. That’s when the lady comes up with a smart idea to get it done in The Treasure Hunt.

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