Tinkle 655
(November 2016)

What’s Special?

Partyyy! It’s Tinkle’s Anniversary! We kick-start the celebrations with a brand new Toon, an exclusive comics story from cricket superstar Virat Kohli himself, a mega Toon mash-up story, challenging puzzles, and more!

  • Say hello to Buchki, the new Tinkle Toon! She’s an eight-year-old from Boodanga... who can see ghosts and demons, the things she’d thought were the stuff of folktales! But what can she do with this power, considering she’s scared of all ghosts? Join her as she discovers her strengths in Buchki and the Booligans: Jamun Jamboree.
  • Virat Kohli takes us back to when he was 15 years old and a student of West Delhi Cricket Academy. Virat was challenged by his teammates to go out in the dark on a dare. Did he do it? What happened next? Find out in The Monster of the Dark.
  • The Tinkle Toons go looking for a creature that has been spooking people in Aizwa. Will WingStar, Aisha, Tantri, Shambu, and Billy find it... or will the creature find them first? Check out the Mega Mash-Up Stranger Sightings.
  • Zayan loses his milk teeth for which his friends tease him. So he goes on a quest to replace those teeth, but nothing works out. Just then an unlikely friend comes to his aid. Who could it be? Find out in A G(l)um Affair.
  • Put your brains to the test with a baffling case at the Tinkle Anniversary party in You Be the Detective.
  • Plus, push your creativity to its limits with a lavish colouring challenge pull-out, especially for the Anniversary!

Also Starring:

Suppandi spares no one, not even the Tinkle Toons at the Tinkle Anniversary party, with his hare-brained ideas in Ketchup Catch-up. Ina and Mynah go sandboarding in the desert and lose their way. Watch how they navigate their way back in Eye of the Storm. And Wai Knot thinks making a home-made volcano is simple... until things get out of hand in On My Own.

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