Tinkle 654
(October 2016)

What’s Special?

Gear up for mysteries, celebrations, thrills and chills, as we mark World Food Day, World Dictionary Day, Diwali and Halloween in this issue.

  • Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo are up to something fishy... and it’s driving their mother, Bina, nuts! What are they up to? Find out in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Ready... Steady... Eat!
  • A little raccoon sets out to find out exactly what fear is. He meets a variety of creatures, from coyotes to humans who try to help him. But does he find fear? Check out the North American folktale In Search of Fear.
  • Are ghosts real? Can they actually haunt us? A fearless young girl is determined to uncover the truth in a haunted house. See what she finds out in G-g-ghost!
  • Celebrate the festive season in style... with wacky chocolate pedas! Check out Do It Yourself for this sweet treat.
  • Plus, test your vocabulary with a challenging Pic(k) Your Brains puzzle on obscure words.
  • And follow Phuskuman on yet another daring rescue mission!

Also Starring:

Suppandi is working at a car repair shop, but what can repair the chaos he creates?! Tantri’s plan to have Hooja dethroned seems to be working. But will it happen? Find out in the conclusion to The Council of Elders. And will WingStar finally rescue her parents from her two biggest enemies? Don’t miss the ending of It’s Payback Time.

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