Tinkle 653
(October 2016)

What’s Special?

We get festive as we mark Navaratri, International Day of Older Persons, Wildlife Week, Gandhi Jayanti, and World Space Week, all in one issue!

  • It’s Dandiya season and Ravi, Rahul and Sam are eager to impress. But a priceless pair of dolls go missing from a Navaratri display. Where will their bumbling investigation lead them now? Find out in Defective Detectives: ‘Stick’y Business.
  • Take a trip to the wild with a little pig and a ferocious tiger. The pig innocently challenges the tiger to a fight and then later realizes his folly. Check out how he outwits the mighty beast in the Meghalayan folktale, The Stink.
  • Tantri urges Hooja to organize the Elder Games to honour the older people in Hujli. But he’s secretly plotting to have Hooja annoy the Council of Elders that has the power to dethrone him. Will he succeed? Find out in Tantri the Mantri: Council of Elders.
  • Ragini rallies the senior citizens in her complex to launch a peaceful protest for their playground to be cleaned up. Does it work? Check out Walkabout.
  • Plus, discover the fascinating details of the Juno space mission to Jupiter in Tinkle Tells You Why.
  • And laugh your heart out at ridiculously funny puns especially on animals in Pun-A-Thon.

Also Starring:

Suppandi is confused by something as simple as a pair of socks in Good Fitting. Venus is under threat from the crazy scientist Aercus. It’s up to Commander Vercus to stop her in the thrilling Vercus and Aercus. And WingStar embarks on a mission to rescue her parents but is met by a very dangerous enemy in It’s Payback Time.

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