Tinkle 652
(September 2016)

What’s Special?

Set out on an adventure with this issue of Tinkle, packed with vampires, tigers, dangerous terrains, tricky challenges, secretive operations, and more!

  • Shambu travels to Borneo with plans to relax and snooze. But then his nemesis JJ shows up, challenging Shambu to track a Javan tiger, thought to be extinct. What happens now? Find out in Shikari Shambu: The Braveheart.
  • Learn about four daredevil explorers who scaled steep mountains and crossed dangerous waters, just for the thrill of adventure in Explorer in the Making.
  • Pyarelal embarks on a new mission to develop a love for stories and reading among the children in his village. Will he succeed? Check out Pyarelal: Comic Book Conundrum.

Also Starring:

Suppandi discovers the hazards of eating out and devises a clever solution (or so he thinks) in Suppandi: Eating Out. Do Rahas, Mahi and Naaz retrieve Mahi’s book of teacher caricatures from a deadly teacher’s house? Catch the nail-biting conclusion to The After-School Project. And Billy Drain has been cornered by Myra Vamptop while on his latest mission. Don’t miss him fumbling and mumbling his way to the end of the thrilling Dental Diaries tale, The Cup Runs Over!

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