Tinkle Digest 297
(September 2016)

What’s Special?

  • Nitin likes to keep the lost things he finds. But a lost cap gives him more trouble than he imagined. Check out why in Finders... Weepers?
  • Suppandi learns a lot from assisting a martial arts teacher and bungles up too! Find out how in Suppandi: The Champion.
  • Shanti charges Shambu with rescuing an owl, but all he is interested in is napping. Can he do both? Find out in Shikari Shambu: Wrecked!
  • Mynah’s new mission is to ensure everyone in her family conserves electricity. But she goes overboard and there’s utter mayhem! What will happen next? Check out Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Electric Shock.

Also starring:

A vain hippo who comments on all other animals’ appearances. He thinks he’s unbeatable but the animals decide to give him a taste of his own medicine.

The young princes of Hastinapur who lose their ball in a well and think it’s lost forever... until a mysterious archer shows up and displays his amazing skills.

Lazy Tom, who is tasked with painting his aunt’s fence. Tom just wants to enjoy his Saturday, so he comes up with a clever plan to avoid doing any of the work.

And evil magician Gotala, who makes another grab at ZimZim’s powers with the help of Nefarious, an ancient demon from the Mirror World.

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