Tinkle 651
(September 2016)

What’s Special?

With Teachers’ Day and Grandparents’ Day round the corner, we honour those people whose lessons and experiences are invaluable to us in our lives.

  • Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo are left in the care of their grandmother for a week. The sisters think they’ll have parent-free fun, but their grandmother is mysteriously always a step ahead of them... Find out how in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Days of Freedom.
  • Rebecca and Shenna draw a portrait of their teacher Mr. Lawrie for Teachers’ Day. But the picture ends up offending him instead, putting the girls in big trouble. What will happen next? Check out The Surprise!
  • Classmates Rahas, Mahi and Naaz have a ball doodling about their teachers in a special notebook. But the book ends up in the hands of the school’s deadliest teacher... Uh-oh! What now? Find out in The After-School Project.
  • Discover some famous personalities who were once teachers and see if you don’t exclaim, They Were Teachers?!
  • Find out how animals learn to live in the wild with the help of their own special teachers in Animal School.
  • Laugh your head off at silly puns, especially written about teachers!

Also Starring:

Wai Knot sets up an obstacle course against his father’s wishes, but little does he know where his antics might lead him. A toy velveteen rabbit struggles to find affection from other toys in a young boy’s nursery. And Myra Vamptop from Dental Diaries is on an important mission to watch over a wisecracking Filipino witch-vampire, but someone is determined to sabotage it.

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