Tinkle 650
(August 2016)

What’s Special?

Plenty! It’s a packed issue as we commemorate the Olympics, celebrate the special bond between brothers and sisters, and also mark Janmashtami and Parsi New Year.

  • Rahul and Ravi are overcome by a host of suspicious activities. There is a suspicious Dahi Handi organizer and a suspicious young man with a suspicious fish. What mayhem will the Dynamic Duo create in solving this one? Read on in Defective Detectives: Flying Bot.
  • It’s war between siblings Parth and Gargi! What will be the fall out? Check out Sibling Rivalry, this Raksha Bandhan.
  • Doob Doob plays detective and annoys everyone from Lubdubi to Chamataka in Big Baan. Meanwhile, Chamataka is up to no good. What will Kalia do? Find out in Doob-Loop-Doob.
  • Enjoy a special card to mark Parsi New Year!
  • Play the Pick Your Brains game, especially on the Olympics.
  • Salute the Unsung Heroes of India’s Freedom, as we mark the beginning of the 70 year celebrations of Independence Day!

Also Starring:

Suppandi shows off his impressive coffee-making skills. Ansani’s magic pot has a remarkable power, so he keeps it all to himself... and that’s when things go wrong in this African folktale. And has Tantri finally been successful at getting rid of Hooja with the aid of a new dastardly inventor? Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to this story!

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