Tinkle Digest 296
(August 2016)

What’s Special?

  • A king thinks too much of his appearance and is cursed with floppy donkey’s ears! What’s he going to do now? Check out The King Has Donkey’s Ears to find out.
  • Chamataka finds a chicken coop and tries to sweet-talk the guard dog into letting him in. But with Kalia the Crow lurking around, Chamataka is in for a rough day!
  • Suppandi becomes a magician’s assistant... and then ruins every trick in the book! See how badly he goofs up in Suppandi: Magician’s Assistant.
  • Tantri finds a potion to turn Hooja invisible, but an unseen Hooja is even more irritating than a visible Hooja! How will Tantri get out of this mess? Find out in Tantri the Mantri: Invisible.

Also starring:

Ace Swiss archer William Tell must outwit Switzerland’s cruel ruler, Gessler, to gain his freedom. But Gessler is not one to be fooled so easily...

It’s a cold, cold winter and the American Indians need fire. With the help of their woodland friends, they trick three old women who possess fire to get some for themselves.

Aspiring psychologist Amit turns detective when he thinks something shady is happening at a riverside resort.

And Lu, a lazy young man, is coaxed into studying by a lady whom he can only see through a magic mirror...

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