Tinkle 649
(August 2016)

What’s Special?

We begin the 70th year of our Independence! Join us as we kick-start the celebrations!

  • Bhagat Singh and Rajguru escape Lahore right from under the noses of vigilant policemen! How do they do it? Revisit this thrilling episode from history in Flight of the Brave.
  • Zeck is up to no good at the Independence Day carnival! Can Aisha and gang take him down before time runs out? Check out in SuperWeirdos: Fizzz.
  • The Rio Olympics is round the corner! Check out some of the most talented athletes representing India at the Olympics in Daring Debutants.

Also Starring:

Will Tantri’s mysterious new inventor get rid of Hooja once and for all? Wai Knot flouts rules AGAIN only to have a surprise waiting for him in Masked Musketeers. Where’s Zeenat? Everyone’s out looking for Zeenat. Are you? Elsewhere, there’s another mystery afoot involving a talking parrot, cell phone data theft and two youngsters. And finally, there’s Suppandi who shows us the havoc he can create on a ship!


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