Tinkle 648
(July 2016)

What’s Special?

  • We meet again this month! It’s Tinkle’s second fortnightly issue. And this time we’re celebrating World Tiger Day, observed on 29 July.
  • Shambu is taken deep into the forest by to investigate a strange occurrence involving tigers. But mischief lurks in the shadows and Shambu is lead into a dangerous trap. Will our fearless ranger escape? Find out in Thrillers: Striped Moon featuring Shikari Shambu.
  • In ancient China, the unlikeliest of things happens when a fearsome tiger is taken to court for eating an old woman’s son. Find out who wins this bizarre legal battle in Suing a Tiger.
  • Ina lands a coveted internship at a leading fashion brand, but her job turns out to be not as exciting as she hoped it would be. Can she turn things around in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Irksome Internship?
  • WingStar makes it out of the tight spot she was left in last time with help from two unknown heroes who match her abilities. Who are they and where did they come from? Find out in the gripping conclusion, WingStar: All For One, One for All (Part 2).

Also Starring:

Subbu unlocks the secret to his newfound skills acquired from his great-great-grandmother’s magic diary; Buzz the octopus introduces you to what life under the sea is like when you are an eight-legged marine creature; and Suppandi manages to get on Maddy’s nerves but cheer up Frooty with his antics, all at one go!

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