Tinkle Digest 295
(July 2016)

What’s Special?

  • A sparrow called Gubbana finds out the price of greed in a delightful folktale from Karnataka, Greedy Gubbana.
  • Perennial pest Uncle Unni faces off against his most vicious foe ever—his nephew, baby Unni. Who will win this battle in Unni vs. Veeru?
  • Suppandi is tasked with buying some custard apples, but manages to mess up even when given the simplest of instructions in Suppandi: The Case of the Custard Apples.
  • Rahul and Ravi are certain they are in possession of secret documents from a spy, but which spy would really entrust the duo with such documents in the first place? Nothing is what it seems in Defective Detectives: Night Prowlers.

Also starring:

Sunil and his new internet friend Kartik who helps him through the travails of adolescence in ‘Cyber Friend’; a puny little turtle clashes with an elephant and a hippo simultaneously in ‘The Tiny Turtle’; Androcles in ancient Rome makes a friend in a lion when he tends to its injury in ‘Androcles and the Lion’; Professor Pandu E.G. (Evil Genius) resorts to inventing a weapon in order to avoid paying his bills.

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