Tinkle 647
(July 2016)

What’s Special?

  • It’s Tinkle’s first fortnightly issue! From this month onwards, there will be two issues of Tinkle every month. Look out for the second issue on 16 July.
  • Say hello to the newest member of the Tinkle family—Wai Knot! Wai’s life motto is simple: ‘don’t ask why, ask why not?’ Join Wai as he struggles to take his dog Chhotu on a walk in Wai Knot: Dog’s Day Out.
  • Rahul and Ravi take over their society’s CCTV control room in search of new crimes to solve. But even with eyes on every person, the duo misses every single clue... except for a rogue chocolate bar in Sam’s hands. What happens next? Find out in Defective Detectives: SeeSee TV.
  • Mapui aka WingStar returns to school, only to find it under lockdown by Biak’s henchmen... sort of. Things take an ugly turn when she tries to shake them off in WingStar: All For One, One for All.

Also Starring:

Suppandi receives an important responsibility in The Call; the Tinkle Toons are all aboard the Tinkle TrainTable to help keep track of your school schedule; a World UFO day parade brings out the most creative UFO floats in The Parade; Rabiya and Aahil are on the hunt for the perfect tail for their new kite in The Tale of a Tail.

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