Tinkle Digest 294
(June 2016)

Say hello to the all new classic Tinkle Digest!

Thanks to popular demand, Tinkle Digest will now carry all your favourite classic Tinkle stories; in fact, stories right from the very first issue of Tinkle!

We delve into mythology with ‘Bheema the Little Giant’ from the Mahabharata which is also the very first story to have appeared in Tinkle. Bheema is a strong lad, but his hunger seems to have no bounds! He eats just about anything he sets his sight on, but his talent for eating comes in handy sometimes.

Meanwhile, Tantri clones himself to increase his chances of getting at Hooja. But will too many Tantris spoil the broth? Find out in ‘Tantri the Mantri: Clone Mania’. As for Suppandi, he has problems of his own as he mixes up simple cleaning instructions in ‘The Head Cleaner’.

Plus! See how a sheep, a cock and a duck became the first ever air travel passengers!

Plus! Nasruddin Hodja takes on a corrupt judge with his inimitable witticism!

Plus! An eight-year-old’s quick thinking brings down two notorious thieves!

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