Tinkle 646
(June 2016)

What’s Special?

  • After a failed attempt at using cheat codes, Ira gets sucked into her video game as punishment. In End Game, it’s now up to Ira to finish the last level or get stuck inside forever.
  • Another day, another mission for Mapui aka WingStar. This time she comes up against Biak Solo in a deserted park. But in WingStar: A Swollen Head Mapui is about to find out the hard way that things aren’t always how they seem.  
  • Kalia travels to the Arctic on vacation in The Annual Puffin Dance-Off adventure. But his friends desperately need his help. It’s up to Kalia in to save the festival... and time is running out.
  • Aisha is finally out to learn some offensive powers in SuperWeirdos: Squeak! But her classes are interrupted when she gets a visit from a truly weird SuperWeirdo.


Also Starring:

Vinit and his encounters with extra-terrestrials in 'Aliens in my Garden'; Kavya’s attempt at making a mark in her new colony in 'Twinkletoes'; the Schumanzis and their plot to take over the Earth in 'Vacation Villainy'; Fan and Nelly’s naughty day out in 'ComicClassics: Storytime with Grandma'.  

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