Tinkle Digest 293
(May 2016)

Summer is upon us and the Tinkle toons invite you to chill with them this month!

Tantri and Suppandi are faced with new challenges as their fans send them on a variety of (mis)adventures in the top three Di-Jesters Contest stories. While Tantri’s latest plot to be rid of Hooja using a poisoned cake takes an unexpected turn, Suppandi discovers charity as well as an ageless dictionary.

Rahul and Ravi, the Defective Detectives, go to a beach resort for a holiday while promising Ravi’s parents that they won’t go looking for trouble. But they do exactly that as they stumble upon what they think is a Class A mystery. See how badly they goof up this one in ‘Defective Detectives: Secret of Sea Cave’.

Plus! A new chicken superhero shows up in a farm and shakes things up!

Plus! An alien and a human boy visit a comics convention on an asteroid and meet all kinds of creatures!

Plus! Suppandi has a ton of book, movie and TV recommendations to keep you occupied this summer!

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