Tinkle 645
(May 2016)

Tantri is back with another absolutely evil plot to dethrone Hooja in 'Tantri the Mantri: The Monsterizer'. Armed with a gun that brings any inanimate object to life, Tantri is confident, but maybe a bit too much?

Mina is confused… again. This time about what Ice cream will best help beat the summer heat. Luckily for her she has her big sister, Ina with her to help in 'Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Choices! Choices! Choices!'

A regular walk through the jungle turns chaotic when Shambu starts hearing things in 'Shikari Shambu: Sound Effects'.

Time is back! This time to help out a poor squirrel with an injured leg in 'Tick Tock with the Season'.

Also Starring:

Japanese demons and a dancing Yakamuro in Loop-de-Lump, Jason in search of the perfect Mother’s Day gift in Toy Store Troubles, Patchy, an enthusiastic pup, and his new friends in Patchy the Pup, and Perizad’s attempt to win over her cranky neighbour in The Rose Flower Pot.

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