Tinkle Digest 292
(April 2016)

It’s a new month and there’s a new issue of Tinkle Digest just for you! So what better time than now to Try Something New? Join us as we celebrate the spirit of innovation, discovery and curiosity this April.

Tantri and Hooja spend a month at a mountain retreat, which changes Tantri into a yoga and peace-loving soul but leaves Hooja baffled and vexed in ‘New Age Nuisance’. Meanwhile, in ‘The Conspiracy’, Rahul and Ravi of the Defective Detectives are tailing the origin of mysterious cricket balls that they are convinced involves everyone from their classmates to the school principal to even professional criminals! And cavemen inventors Grunk and Duh are faced with a new challenge in ‘Fowl Means’ when they are forced to hunt for meat, but end up chasing a tenacious and notoriously evasive jungle fowl.

Also, learn the fascinating stories behind four amazing inventions in ‘(Extra) Ordinary Inventors’. And for every useful invention, there is at least one pointless one. See some of the more ridiculous inventions in ‘What Were They Thinking’?

Plus! The final Super Sleuth Mystery serves up a case of unbelievable vandalism!

Plus! Little Suppandi thinks he has mastered first aid, but little does he know!

Plus! See what happens when pranks go wrong in ‘So, You Think You Can Prank?’ just in time for April Fools’ Day!

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