Tinkle 644
(April 2016)

This month's theme is Siblings & Cousins: Love them or hate them, you just can’t live without them!

What happens when you are home alone and your eldest sibling has decided to play dictator? Check out Ina Mina Mynah Mo in House Invasion!

Then coast right along to A Walk in the Woods where a trio of cousins decide they can have an adventure without supervision. Result: Chaos!

Kevin and Stella have a serious case of sibling rivalry. And fortunately for us, this time it’s about proving to the other who has the most knowledge about Big-Shot Bugs!

Also this month:

Shikari Shambu battling The White Spectre, Rahul and Ravi of the Defective Detectives on a rampage in Car-foolery, fun on a farm in Farmhouse Frolic and a horror-comedy starring The Big Bad Bully of Bogo

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