Tinkle Digest 291
(March 2016)

It might be Manic March with exams around the corner, but at Tinkle Digest, it’s Mash-up March! This month, all the Tinkle toons are running riot in each other’s stories and creating a mash-up of adventures!

Little Suppandi, Little Maddy, Little Shambu, Junior Tantri and Junior Hooja come together for Tinkle Study Time to prepare for the exams, but their plans go for a toss as each one is distracted by something or the other. Meanwhile, Samson’s school hires Suppandi as a substitute teacher and Samson is intent on protecting him from Rahul’s bullying. But who will protect everyone from Suppandi’s nuttiness?

Elsewhere, Shambu and Mopes and Purr independently investigate the disappearance of mountain goats from the Himalayas, but miss out on a most astonishing revelation in Mayhem on the Mountain. And Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo take a vacation to Hujli, but end up being kidnapped, along with Tantri, by a mysterious villain in Vacation Action!

Plus! The Super Sleuth Mystery brings a challenging new case with a leaked exam paper!

Plus! Suppandi Wants to Know and how! He’s asking you bizarre questions in his quest for the truth!

Plus! Grammar Boy returns to face his most dangerous foe ever!

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