Tinkle 643
(March 2016)

The Stress Monsters are back! With exams right around the corner, ward off stress with this month’s issue.

Saashi and the School’s In gang are bogged down by the pressure of exams. Find out how they cope up with it in, Future Woes. Aisha has also been stressing, but about not having a superpower. However there’s another problem on the horizon. Zeck is back with his gang of wicked villains. Can the SuperWeirdos stop them? Find out in the action-packed Swoosheroo.

Are textbooks still cramming your head? Rote learning not your thing? Check out the feature, BrainGuru’s Bombastic Memory Boosters and learn some tricks to increase your brain power.

Tantri and Hooja go to Dujli on a state visit only to find themselves in a state of monstrous trouble. Find out if they can get out of this jam in, Holi Moly! A vicious vampire tries to make a meal out of Suppandi, but is hilariously outwitted by him in, ‘Count’ Me In!

Don’t miss, ModernMythos our new segment, this series takes off with the delightful fantasy, Dragon Chronicles: To Adventure and Back!

Finally, vote for your favourite Tinkle Tales and Toons of 2015 in the 2nd Tinkle Awards.

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