Tinkle Digest 290
(February 2016)

This month, the impossible comes alive with beasts, magic, dragons, princes, and many more fantastic things in Tinkle Digest!

Tantri engages the services of a dangerous shape-shifting beast to get rid of Hooja, but as always, his plans turn pear-shaped. Chiyo has a showdown with Gigi and her monsters who have been wreaking havoc at her school. Elsewhere, a school boy believes he has the power to dream about the future in Psyched!, while a sneak peek at the lives of fairy tale characters show what they have ended up doing after finishing their adventures in Once Upon a Time... Today.

Plus! The Super Sleuth Mystery serves up a delicious new case!

Plus! Suppandi cooks up a bizarre new form of serving food!

Plus! A new series that shows you how even the most ordinary of things have feelings!

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