Tinkle Digest 289
(January 2016)

Happy New Year, dear readers!

We welcome 2016 with our heads full of dreams for the future, and a steely resolve to achieve those dreams in the coming year. Taking us through this ride is our fabulous foursome Ina, Mina, Mynah and Mo who have taken over 25 pages in this issue to regale us with their own dreams and adventures.

Meanwhile, Suppandi invites you to chill with him as he begins the New Year with a new book to read, a movie to watch, and a song to listen to. Check out his brand new feature, Chilling with Suppandi. In the meantime, Shambu is getting worked up as he dons his running shoes in a bid to lose weight, but ends up entangled in yet another mess anyway.

Plus! The Super Sleuth Mystery returns with a new adventure and a missing Greek artefact!

Plus! Read about the many different ways the New Year is welcomed all over the world!

Plus! The chilling conclusion to ‘Beware the Jeraki’, the story of three children who let loose monsters into the world!

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