Tinkle 641
(January 2016)

The theme this month is Space-Time Tourists—experience the thrills of space and time travel with the Tinkle Toons!

Follow Billy from Dental Diaries into a parallel universe to see him fight against… himself, in The Chill of Dearth. Then put on your thinking caps to solve an extraterrestrial mystery in You Be the Detective Don’t Be a Pest. What happens when a famous writer from the past, travels through time and stumbles into the present? Find out in By the Book. How special can a Republic Day Parade get? Check out in Forward, March! Finally, what has Shambu scampering with fear this time? A trip to the past when prehistoric creatures roamed! Read on in Scat in the Hat.

Also, enjoy our exclusive Tinkle Tabletop Planner and have the Tinkle Toons be part of your every day in 2016. And vote for your favourite Tinkle tales and toons of 2015 in Tinkle Awards!

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