Tinkle Digest 287
(November 2015)

It’s the time to celebrate! This month, there’s double joy as we welcome the festival of lights, Diwali, as well as Tinkle’s 35th anniversary! And let’s not forget everyone’s favourite villain, Tantri, who gets over 25 pages in this issue, dedicated to his shenanigans and ever-failing schemes.

Get into the celebratory spirit as you learn how the first fireworks were invented by the brilliant caveman-inventor Grunk and his dim-witted assistant Duh. Dive into a delicious Diwali mystery with Mopes and Purr as they hunt for the thief who stole their festival feast. And don your own detective hat as you figure out who is trying to sabotage Tinkle’s 35th Anniversary Party in a spanking new Super Sleuth Mystery Contest!

Plus! A gorgeous folktale from Karnataka on why every story and song deserves to be shared!

Plus! See what happens when Santa Claus arrives during Diwali!

Plus! Read the first ever Tantri story!

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