Tinkle Digest 286
(October 2015)

Ghosts, ghouls and monsters, oh my! This month, Tinkle Digest takes you on a wild ride through the world of the undead, as all creatures, fearsome and outrageous, come to life.

Get into the spirit of Halloween with Little Shambu as he is challenged to catch a ghost. Watch devilish beasts manifest from the bad habits of three children in Beware the Jeraki: Part I. But don’t panic; the monsters aren’t all bad, because they get into the most hilarious tussle at a party in An Undead Halloween.

Plus! Break the Pharaoh’s Curse with this month’s Super Sleuth contest!

Plus! Follow Mina in Ina Mina Mynah Mo: Fancy This, Fancy That as she finds the perfect Halloween costume!

Plus! Split your sides laughing at Suppandi as he makes yet another mess of things as a Copycat!

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