Tinkle 637
(September 2015)

Tinkle Toons are abuzz! They have been infected by the Idea Bug! After all Tinkle's theme this month is: Ideas That Rocked the World!

Read a delectable tale about the creation of something that took the world by a ‘food’ storm in Behind the Crunch!

Rahul and Ravi of the Defective Detectives of course do things differently. Take a look at their ‘idea that rocked the world’ in De-camped!

Check out some fascinating inventions that came about out of pure accidents in Out of the Blue.

A salute to our gurus, on Teacher’s Day, in the action-packed, Aisha-starring SuperWeirdos adventure Poof!

Tantri learns the hard way, why he should listen to his teachers in The Backup Plan.

Little Suppandi however takes his learning to new heights in The Test.

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