Tinkle Digest 283
(July 2015)

Shambu takes over Tinkle Digest this July! Get a roll-on-the-floor funny issue of Tinkle Digest as everyone’s favourite animal conservationist sprawls over 25 pages of the issue. And here’s the best part—you can be part of his adventures by telling us how his story ends!

In addition, you get 32 extra pages of classic Tinkle stories, at no extra cost! And don’t miss out on the chance to play the role of your favourite detective and help Tinkle Digest solve The Super Sleuth Mystery!

Plus! Rahul and Ravi of The Defective Detectives take to the football field for the first time and catastrophe ensues!

Plus! Learn how to make crayon cupcakes and paper plate dinosaurs and unleash your inner artist!

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