Tinkle 635
(July 2015)

Recess! The shout echoes down school corridors as soon as the bell rings and is followed by a stampeding of feet rushing for the stairs and out into the grounds. Recess stands for joy, for freedom, for hunger, and for all things fun about school. And so, Recess is our theme for this month, a month when schools reopen and we again discover all the fun things we missed about school.

Talking about school and recess, the School’s In gang can’t be far behind. Saashi and gang kick-start the new school year with a resolution not to attract any more punishments. Do they succeed? Read on in Way Back!

Laugh with Little Suppandi as he comes up with a unique take on L for...

The school year is very important and highly stressful for tenth graders. Can their juniors help them look forward to the year and lighten up the stress cloud hovering over them? Find out, in the story Board Quest. Meanwhile, Ankita has a furious encounter with a new neighbour and a surprise waiting for her when she starts school in A Fresh Start.

July also hosts the World UFO Day on the 2nd. So when there’s the possibility of aliens, there has to be a story up our sleeves! Have a ball reading All for a Game.

And finally, the Tinkle IdeaWhiz Vote-A-Thon is now open. Cast your vote. Now!

Still thirsting for more? Check out how Pyarelal applies his wit to solve the problem of pests attacking his home and fields in Bug Off! Then find the answer to—‘Can there be classes where you can learn not to be clumsy and to be patient?’ in Klutz Classes and Checkmate. And that, folks, is a wrap!

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